Normal Price $3,600
Limited Time Price Special – $2,559


New Electronic IRS Form 1023-EZ –
 for organizations that qualify.
Tax Exemptions Status
for Community Development Structure or Foundations
Preparing IRS Form 1023 and/or form 1024
Drafting Corporate By-Laws
Detailed Budget
Respond to all IRS inquiries
Obtaining an EIN number
Preparing State Articles of Inc.
Other non-profit filings including 501c4, 501c6, etc.
Reinstate Revoked 501c3 & 501c4 Status
Customized Business Plans with
Executive Summary
Products and Services
Marketing Plan
Operational Plan
Management and
Organizational Structure
Financial Statements
Financial Plan
Capitalization Requirements
Exemption Status Acquisition 45-90 Business Days
Normal Price $3,600
Limited Time Price Special – $2,559
A 508(c)(1)(a) FBO tax exemption stems from the First Amendment and is not a government subsidy. Some arguments have been presented supporting speech restrictions on politics and legislation for churches as necessary so government does not subsidize religion. This viewpoint does not comport by definition and is a well settled matter of case law.

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